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Code Name: Volk
Resident extraterrestrial Russki. Deth connoisseur. Traveller of time.

Mustaine wrote 'em all.

For the unaware, 'volk' is the Russian term for 'wolf', which of course is the origin of the site's name. The idea had originally stemmed from one of the main characters in the Soviet animated series «Ну, погоди!», quite a significant part of my early years and a cartoon I still enjoy to this day. This website was created out of sheer boredom. That is really it. The initial purpose was supposed to be exclusively album reviews, but has since branched out to various other topics as I'm quite indecisive. To summarize myself on a surface level, I love metal and classic rock, firearms, and the 1960s. I dislike senseless art, human interaction and "modern reimaginings". There used to be more here but it has since been wiped by reptilians and is being used for nefarious purposes. До свидания, товариш.