❝Привет лунатикам.❞

Volk's Valhalla is a website that moonlights as a cryogenic chamber within the confines of Hangar 18. It is home to music and film reviews, a barrage of art, literature, and miscellaneous information and collections, as well as arcane sidequests on occasion. It is recommended that you view the website with a cigarette in hand and on any computer of your choosing. Should you attempt to access this site on a mobile device, all content will self destruct in T-minus 9,999,999 seconds. For any queries, comments or concerns, please send your mail by carrier pigeon – but if such an outlet is unavailable to you, the tetrad of links at the bottom of the page will serve as decent alternatives.

"Когда я поднимался по лестнице,
я встретил человека, которого там не было.
Его и сегодня там не было...
Хоть бы, хоть бы он ушёл..."

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