❝Привет лунатикам.❞

Welcome to Volk's Valhalla, a website which moonlights as a cryogenic chamber within the confines of Hangar 18. Here, you'll find music and film reviews, a barrage of art, literature, various information and collections, as well as arcane sidequests straight from the webmaster's rather corroded brain. This site is best viewed at 03 hours and 00 minutes, accompanied by a cigarette in hand and on any computer of your choosing. I've compiled some music as well if you'd wish to listen to something while you're here. Should you attempt to view this site on a mobile phone, you will be met with a terribly abhorent layout so I ask that you please refrain from doing so. Don't say I didn't warn you.

"One last look at visions of flesh
The last best hope of man on the earth
Pontius Pilate still washing his hands
The world don't want to be saved, only left alone."

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