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Web Tools
Many helpful resources and tricks revolving around CSS and HTML.
A lot of great themes/layouts pre-made by Repth, some of which I have used on my webpage. Many of these are static and responsive, working both on desktop and mobile.
If you're like myself and are prone to retardation when it comes to coding tables and such, this tool is very helpful. Choose how many rows and cells you require, and then the code shall be generated for you.
This one's pretty self explanatory but it's a great resource. It also allows you to test out any of the attributes you see on the page.
Layout builder created by Sadgrl here on Neocities. Make a responsive layout with generated CSS/HTML that you can use for your own website.
This is a life saver when it comes to matching backgrounds and color-coded links/page elements. Upload any image and receive the Hex color codes of the pixels.
Although it seems rather sheisty, this page contains over 340 textures for fills and page backgrounds. There are also some buttons, banners, etc. Pretty neat if your site has an old web theme to it.

watch / listen / read
I'm sure most are familiar with this site. A VPN or ad blocker is highly recommended to prevent your computer from exploding.
You can stream movies for free here, but note that it's a rather garbage collection of films. Every now and then, they will actually have some pretty decent ones but don't rely too much on it.
Allows for streaming critically-acclaimed films, documentaries, all sorts of foreign films. You will need either your library card or student ID if you wish to do this. If you have neither, you're essentially fucked and it will be of little use.
Download MP3 or FLAC files of music from the OST's of practically any videogame, whether that be retro and modern. It lets you search by keyword, platform, or even at random.
This is sort of like a search engine where you type in three of your favourite artists, and it recommends you a handful of music based on those favourites.
Explore live radio all around the globe.
A library of over 60,000 free (public domain) eBooks.
Read manga online for free, but beware of pop-up ads.

Russian fanpage dedicated to the Soviet post-punk group Кино (Kino).
Russian website about the history of Heavy Metal in Saint Petersburg.
2006 fansite with everything you've ever wanted to know about Megadeth.
"Metal Library: всё, что вы хотели знать о тяжёлой музыке!"
Ozzman_69's Angelfire tribute page to Metallica.
Fansite with galleries, interviews and factual information about Al Pacino.
A website for all of Chuck Schuldiner's bands.

A collection of articles and writings for learning about aspects of Slavic culture, including but not limited to mythology, entertainment, food and individuals.
Extensive database featuring a wide array of photography and art – both modern and classic – with articles and news as well.
An online encyclopedia for Metal of all sorts that has been active since 2002.
Play some retro videogames directly in your browser.
A rather minimalistic website containing quick reference information and tools, such as an online notepad and graph generators.

The Swiss Bay, a large collection of PDF's.
It's hidden. Many things to read here.
One of the greatest websites that has ever been made.
Onion version of a clearnet site where you can read about privacy and associated software.