Salutationz. I'm Volk, the extraterrestrial Russki behind this website.

• For those unaware, 'volk' is the Russian word for 'wolf', which of course is the origin of the site's name. The idea originally stemmed from one of the main characters in the show "Ну, погоди!", a significant part of my early years and a cartoon I still enjoy to this day.

• This site was created out of sheer boredom and a lack of friends. I previously 'owned' a different website on a far less superior platform than Neocities (which shan't be named). The initial purpose of it was supposed to be solely reviews, but has since branched out to various other things because I'm quite indecisive.

• Another reason this website exists is because I despise social media and the lack of freedom when it comes to creativity and speech, as well as the general environment of it all – a rather common occurence for those who reside here on Neocities I presume.

• The background image of this page comes from Vimur's Triumphant Master of Fates record. The interlacing of Metal and different styles of painting is an overlooked phenomenon in my opinion.

If for some reason you'd like to know more about me, this is certainly the place for it. Please refer to the navigation bars to your left.